(An Undertaking of Bhaktapur Municipality)
Khwopa Secondary School
Affiliated to NEB
(Dedicated To Country & People)
  • Message from Chairman

      Chairman's Message 
      "Education is the third eye Of human beings. All people are rightful to education. But people from the working class do not have equal opportunity of education in Nepal."

      Bhaktapur Municipality has established Khwopa Higher Secondary School, Khwopa College, Khwopa Engineering College, Khwopa Polytechnic Institute and Khwopa College of Engineering to give access of globally demanded education to people of working class. "One graduate, one family" and "intellectualization of whole society" is our mission. The Institutions are striving to connect education with labour, enabling the new generation to lead the 21st century, and encouraging them to serve people and country with honesty. 

      The fees in these colleges are comparatively much lower than those of other private sector institutions.l appeal all the students to join these intitutions and come out as civilized and culturally rich citizens. 
      Thank you. 


      Prem Suwal 
      Chairman, Mgmt Committee, Member CA, 
      Elected Mayor, Bhaktapur Municipality 


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